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My rehabbed Bailey #5 Using gun blue

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Well today I finished rehabbing my old Bailey #5 planner. It only took me 2 days to complete. This was handed down to me by 3 generations of wood workers in my family, one to the next with my Dad handing it off to me. It looked terrible, here is what I started with.

Wood Shoulder plane Plane Rebate plane Metal

Gas Fixture Composite material Metal Temperature

Brown Wood Gas Font Door

Brown Wood Gas Font Door

You can see I had my hands full to restore it. I painted the foot (I think that's what it's called) after some sanding. I also did something really different, I had some gun bluing solution left over from a rifle restore I did, so I blued my plane. I really think it turned out awesome! I just love it! The wooden handles look like rosewood, beautiful wood though. I even blued the screws & shined up the brass. Here is the final restore pictures.

Smoothing plane Plane Scrub plane Jack plane Block plane

Plane Wood Jack plane Smoothing plane Shoulder plane

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Auto part Sandal

Musical instrument Wood Wood stain Hardwood Varnish

Pumpkin Plant Cucurbita Winter squash Calabaza

Leg Wood Tints and shades Gas Human leg

Smoothing plane Plane Scrub plane Jack plane Rebate plane

As you can see I put some time into doing this as well as I could. The big handle was broken in half, so I used some tight bond 3 to glue it up. The frog is broken but it still holds the blade in. I need the part that allows the blade to move side to side, but over all, i'm happy with it. Thank you for looking, let me know what you think of it & if there is something missing I am unaware of. Have a good evening all.


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The lateral adjuster isn't that big of a deal. The early planes didn't have them. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, you could replace parts but then it wouldn't be the plane you had handed down. They are not that expensive so just buy another one if you want one that is perfect.
You know David, your right. It is exactly the way I received it from my Dad, except restored. Have a good night.
Great job on this. Looks almost new. Wonderful family heirloom.
I'd love to see that plane in better light. That bluing is awsome. Nice job sisQmark. :)
Beautiful rehab Mark. Three generations would be as proud as the next three are going to be.
Thank you for the praise. The bluing just came to me, I thought it would look cool & give it another element of uniqueness that I've never seen on a plane. I love it, it looks really good IMHO.
That came out great Mark. Looks like the extensive time & effort you put into that paid off.
Very nice Mark !
A "new" family treasure.
it came out great. I love the grain in the wood. Nice job.
You did a great job on this restore. It's the same tool but…...........looks totally different. Every time I see old well-used tools, I cant help thinking about the movie Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood and his workshop.

You should be very proud of this job.
Nice job well done.
Beautiful restore
Excellent restoration…. it looks fantastic!

If you wanted to use it, I would look for a cheap for-parts plane on eBay with a good frog and lateral adjustment lever, and swap out your broken one. But as an heirloom, it's perfect just the way it is.
Great job! I, too, am working on restoring a #5. I'm not that creative though… lol well done
Well done sir. I would keep an eye open for a replacement frog (and BE SURE to keep the original).
Thank you every one for your nice comments, it really makes me proud of my self to bring this old plane back to life. I'm sure even my great grand father would be proud too. Some day I will get the parts for this beauty so I can use it properly. It is my only large plane, my other is a small block plane, cheap one to but it works. Have a great day all.
Very nice, do you have a shooting board to go with it? Ba-dump-pssh! :)
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