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My PC Router won't attach to my Kreg table correctly.

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Ok…. it's been a really long time since I've been on LumberJocks. I can't believe how long it's been.

I was having some issues with my Router and my Kreg router table. From the day I brought them home I've had the same problem. The screws that attach the router sit proud of the table. So… whenever I run a piece of wood across the table it catches on the screw. Not only does this affect accuracy… It also scratches up my wood.

In the picture below it's the screw to the left of the wood.

Dead bolt Wood Gas Circle Electric blue

So… my first thought was that the holes needed to be countersunk more. So… tonight I FINALLY attempted that. The two screws on the front side were the ones sitting proud of the table. So I got my drill out and tried to drill them out. I'd drill… then test… then drill… then test….

Wood Gas Electric blue Circle Paint

But no matter what I did… no matter how much I drilled those holes out… the screws would still sit proud.

So I decided to flip the plate around. I knew the back hole didn't have any issues. However… when I flipped the plate and used the back hole in the hole to the left…. same issue. At this point… I figured the issue MUST be in the screw hole on the router itself.

SO…... I took a couple pieces of thin material and made myself some shims. Just to raise the plate away from the base of the router.

Wood Gas Tool Machine Metal

You can see in the pic where I had placed the shims to raise the plate up more. SURE ENOUGH!!! The screws now are countersunk and do not snag or scratch my wood. However… this was just a test to see if my theory was correct. I don't think these little pieces of wood are the best answer.

So after googling the subject and getting no help I finally realized…. THIS is the place to go for answers.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to drill the hole deeper in the router base? Is there a thin shim that actually would attach to my base of the router? What next?


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I agree with Brad (shorter screws). You can verify that by just putting the screws in without the plate and measure how high they protrude when they bottom out. I assume that they are the correct tread as well. If they don't turn more than about 1 revolution before they stop, they could also be the wrong screws.
Angie, Just make sure that if these were the original screws that attach the normal base plate to the router that they are still long enough if you ever use it with the normal base plate again. Take note of how much you cut off in case you need to go buy some new ones at the hardware store. They could be metric so you'll want to take them with you to the store to get the right size and thread if you do have to buy new ones.

Just a thought.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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