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Wacky Wood Works now has an official youtube channel and I have actually also decided to do more of the youtube thing as well (just working out a few trial and error video's) as well as the blog.

At present it will be more on the entertainment and inspirational side than the educational. I have no plans of doing a video once a week or even once a fortnight… it will be purely when I have time and have a project in mind that would make a good video…

I also have not really decided whether to speak while making and filming or add in post production… or do a mix or do nothing and not speak so I haven't come up with a style yet… lol I have a few issues I am working through, lighting and sound… and the that is mainly guessing the shot angle, lighting… blah blah blah I am use to being behind the camera and not in front of it… :-/

I am only using a GoPro camera and built in mic… Will wait and see if I upgrade to a more dedicated camera, and use the GoPro for them artsy shots lol

I don't have a shop like most of the ones you see on most other youtube… heck only a third has a concrete floor… lol so you will see dust... :) my theory its all part of it…

There will be a mix of woodworking and various other making stuff video's but mainly wood,

Oh and I apologise upfront for my kiwi accent lol :eek: ;D

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