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My new Grizzly 1023SL table saw!

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It arrived! And in good condition!

My saw finnaly arrived without any harm, thankfully. It was shipped late on a Friday I only had time to put it in the shop and take the box off to have a look at it. Looked pretty good but I didn't even get a chance to take the plastic off!

So Sunday rolled around and off to the shop I went. I put it together without much hassel, the toughest part was probably getting the parts of the actual cabinet of the saw. I still can't see how they got them in there, must have taken hours lol.

Sadly, I was unable to get power to the saw because the cord wasn't long enough to go to my outlet so I am going to just head to Lowe's in the morning and get about 16' of whatever I need and run it the correct way. I didn't get a chance to tune the saw but I will get around to that in the morning also.

This thing looks great! Nice and stout too!
I don't guess I really have any questions about the saw, I probably will tomorrow though!

Here it is on the pallet, not a whole lot of damage but some, didn't seem to hurt the saw thankfully.

Setup in the shop!

More to come as I get it going!
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Very cool Sailor enjoy
WOW…Very nice…congrats on the new saw !!!! As the proud owner/pappa of a new Grizzly myself, I know how you feel !!
Looking good…enjoy!
I also see that you were right…they now include the motor cover and dust port with this saw.
Don't you just love that new saw smell?
Looks great! Makes me want to put in my order….
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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