Grizzly - G0661 10" Contractor Table Saw w/Riving Knike (Rating: 5)

I have my new Grizzly set up and overall I've been pleased with its features and performance. I started out a bit bad because in the box were four right legs instead of two lefts, and two rights. Grizzly sent out the left legs right away, so no big deal. The first project using the saw was the extension table to the right of the blade. Not a lot of cutting, but gave me a feel for it's operation.

My old table saw was a Craftsman 10" that I bought new 20 years ago. I sold her on Craigslist. It was showing signs of its age. Top issues that bothered me the most were arbor runnout and a rip fence that was hard to keep aligned. The new Grizzly is a beast in comparison of size, weight, performance, and capacity.

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I carefully researched saws for a long time. Asked those here on LJ's of their opinions. Most advice was to get a cabinet saw. My shop is in the basement of my house. Leading to the basement is a steep and narrow set of stairs. Getting a cabinet saw downstairs would have been impossible. If my shop were on ground level or a garage then I would have bought a cabinet saw instead. Here's a photo of how I prepared getting the saw down those stairs. I customized a dolly and it sat in my dining room until I got help getting it downstairs.

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Features I like about this saw is the cast iron extensions, the ease of the column and worm gear for height adjustment, 2hp motor that can be 220v or 110v, dust collection shroud, solid one piece rail for the fence, "T" style fence with aluminum facing, cast iron w/chrome plating handwheels, riving knife, and the supplied ZCI and dado inserts. I tried to remember them all, but I'm sure there's more I haven't mentioned.

Assembly was pretty straight forward. Instructions were clear and concise. Everything fit as it should and is solid. Minor things were adding tape to the bottom side of the tabletop edge to raise the end of the extensions to make them level. The blade needed aligned to the miter slot which gave me a bit of trouble, but once I figured it out, it wasn't bad. The tilt axis was out of alignment. The back of the blade (tilted to 45 degree) was lower in the back than the front. I had the help of a LJ, who provided a link that helped get it aligned within a couple thousands the first try. It involved a little geometry, once I wrapped my head around the math, I was able to shim the front of the trunnion to lower it the exact amount. The ZCI insert was precut at the factory. Of course when I adjusted the saw perfectly (within a 1000th to the miter slot) the kerf in the insert was not aligned to the blade. A call to Grizzly, I explained the situation and without asking they sent me a new ZCI . The fence needed adjustment. It was easy to do. The aluminum facing is flat and true. The miter gage isn't bad, but I am reasearching a better one to buy.

Things I don't like are the ZCI is a little loose fitting from side to side. The dado insert fits fine, and I will use it as a template to make more ZCI's. And the fence rails weren't predrilled on the far right for a extension, or for anyone else who owns this and wants a router table extension. So it was a bit more work drilling holes but it payed off because I have 27 X 66" of table surface now. The extension is HPL on a MDF substraight wrapped in poplar. I wanted something that would be more durable than melamine, so it was worth the trouble and extra expense of the HPL. In addition to the HPL extension, I added a Shop Fox mobile base (Model D2057A). It is a great feature to have in a small shop.

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In conclusion, anyone in a situation like mine where a cabinet saw doesn't work for your shop, then I recommend looking into the G0661 or the G0713. Both are the same saw except the G0713 is a 1-3/4 horse version.

2hp wired 220 or re-wired 110
cast iron extensions
36" rip capicity
T style rip fence
quick change riving knive and guard
2-1/2 dust port
vertical posts and worm gear for easy and precise height adjustment
overall fit and finish

loose fit ZCI
no predrilled holes to the far right for an extension