JET - JWL-1642-EVS, 16" x 42" Wood Lathe, 1 1/2 HP (Rating: 5)

Hey Everyone, Just got My Jet 1642 EVS pro 1 1/2 hp. Awesome. I will tell you the set up was easy, 1/2 hour at most, needed an extra set of hands to balance the legs while attatching the Way to them. Thank You Dann. It was my own fault, if I had read the directions I would have noticed that they will balace on their own if you do not attatch the feet first. In otherwords, Put it together first then lift the whole thing up and install the feet. Everything goes together very nicely. Fit and finish is fantastic.
This is the best piece of equipment I own. Here is how I acquired it.
In 2007 I bought a Craftsman pro with 15" swing, and rotating headstock for outboard turning, spent $480 on it, and an extra $80 for the home service master protection plan. I used it for 2 1/2 years, For the money it is a great lathe, no other will compare capabilities for the money. Protection plan priceless, Sears needed to fix it at least 12 times and spent nearly $3000 doing so. At some point they decided to replace it under the terms of the protection agreement, that model is discontinued, and they needed to find comparable or better to replace it. Lucky me. Thank You Sears. I have no complaints.
The problem may not be the lathe so much as the service crew. The major breaking point was a inner transmission belt that would break after 4 or 5 hours of use. I recently had a friend look at the belts, and he has concluded that the 2 pulleys are pulling to tight on the belt, there is probably a simple adjustment. I mentioned it to the different service guy to come out for each repair, but all claim there is no adjustment.
Back to the review, I love it with all my heart, The motor is quiet and smooth, the speed is super easy to control, the only belt that needs to be adjusted has a tension control lever and lock, super easy. The tailstock has 4 inches of travel. The live center, has a removeable cone point that reveals a smaller cup point, that removes to reveal and hollow cup. The only thing I feel I need to replace with aftermarket part is the tool rest, it comes with a beefy 1 inch post, 12 inch long rest, it is too long for me when I work on bowls, and tends to swivel into my work as I put preassure at the ends. I can live with this, and probably need to pay more attention to my placement so I use the rest closer to the middle. I have attatched, with rust stain bolts ( just ask if you don't know ) the outboard turning gizmo from my craftsman lathe, it just barely fit, for taking advantage of my sliding headstock. I would give the sears part number but it seems to be discontinued aswell. To bad it only cost $40 as oppossed to jets $500 turning stand, I suppose and I thought of doing this as well, you could get a mini lathe with stand, set it up lower and place it anywhere you want. I also have a mini Rikon, I love that one too.
This is my first review, and I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading