Delta - X5 6" Professional Jointer, Model 37-275X (Rating: 3)

I just purchased the Delta 6" professional jointer.
I did not consider better 8" jointer for mainly one reason: I do not have enough space in my garage / shop. I also did not have the luxury of actually seeing all these jointers before purchase. I went to several stores (Woodcraft, Rockler …) but none had any on display. They all volunteer to order it for me.
Among several jointers that were suggested were the Delta 6" professional jointer, the jet 6" jointer and the grizzly jointer. I went for the Delta because the price.

I have considered several others and asked advice from many people and fellow LJ members who give me good opinion:

The first jointer from Amazon got lost during shipping and Amazon promptly refunded me since they did not have another one in stock to replace the lost one. The second one, from, arrived in good condition and I promptly set to assemble it.

It came in two boxes. The first box contained the base with the motor pre-mounted. The second long and heavier box contained the table already assembled and the fence.

The assembly is not difficult and took me a little under 2 hours to complete. Besides for a flat screw driver, all the tools need for the assembly were included. The hardest part was to lift the table and mount it on the base.

Mounting the table s was a hassle. The table is secured from inside the base. The first 2 bolts, as seen in the picture are easy. The third has to be inserted through the dust chute. You cannot see the third bolt so you just have to feel it and tightening was not very easy.

Once the table was in place I proceeded to mount the fence; that was also easily achieved.

After the fence I put on the guard. And then the switch

Now comes the part of making sure everything is aligned properly.
The fence would not budge even after making sure the bolt holding it were lose. It was stuck. After fiddling with it, it came loose and I was able to move it. Probably some paint had dried in the wrong place. Squaring the fence to the table took more energy and frustration than needed. If you look at this picture:

You will see that there is quite some room for play in this mechanism. So when you think you have the left side squared, the right side is not. When you get both sides squared and try to tighten the bolt then it easily fall out of square.

I raised the infeed table to be in the same plane as the outfeed table and see if it was all flat. To my surprise the outfeed table was lower on the far left end. The light is clearly visible. The gap is about 1/32. The only alignment available is to raise or lower the outfeed table. There is also a couple of bolts that has to do with the "dovetail" mechanism on which the outfeed table rides but he manually states that those are aligned at the factory.
I then tried to raise or lower the outfeed table to see if it changes anything. I undid the locking mechanism as seen in this picture:

I tried to rotate this knob as instructed in the manual:

It does not turn either way. It is stuck. I called tech support thinking I am missing something; the tech was reading the same manual I was reading and was not familiar with the product. I was giving the number for the nearest tech center. I guess when companies merge (Dewalt and Delta), it takes a while for tech to know each other products.
There we more vibration than I would have liked when the joiner is turned on. Maybe it has to do with the base, also from Delta, but I do not think so.
Do I like this joiner? The honest answer is no. I feel it is build to be cheap.
Does it joint correctly? I do not know yet since I cannot align my outfeed table correctly.
Why the rating of 3 stars? Well I think all tools need some alignment at the begining and thatt jointer has been recommanded many times.
Hopefully that's useful to some of you. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer.
Thank you for reading!