Custom Branding Iron - Custom Branding Iron (Rating: 5)

I'd kicked this around for a while and after the wife gave me the green light I ordered a branding iron from Terry Desilets, Custom Branding irons. I've played with it a little and tonight gave it a work out. I really like the looks of my brand. After reading his instructions about the branding surface I'll be doing a better job in the future. First off, flat smooth and clean, that means no varnish. One of the issues I ran into tonight. I branded a bunch of projects that had already been varnished. It did the job, although the difference between branding plain lumber and varnished is really obvious. Brand first then varnish.
The branding iron. Now that is one beefy piece of equipment. Nothing like a simple wood burning kit. I'm sure this thing is going to last a long time.
This brand is really going to be a great addition to my projects. Also Terry is a great guy to visit with and went out of his way to help me design a brand to my liking. I couldn't be happier with it.