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My Most Useful Shop Projects

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My Most Useful Shop Projects

Over the years i have built many items for use in my shop. Everyday now I am reminded how useful two projects have been in my shop. These are the Roll-around Tool Cabinet and my Drill Press Cabinet with its wide drawers and cubby shelves. I am able to roll away the cabinet when spending time at my drill press or to access the cubby shelves that are at the rear of the cabinet. Everything related to the drill press is stored in this cabinet.

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I still have room in the Roll-around Tool Cabinet to store more items. I have now elected to store my two Bosch routers and palm orbit sander in the large shelves. Prior to this cabinet I kept the routers in their cases that was stored on the lower shelf under my assembly table. I am able each day to rollout and position my hand tools near my workbench or even the assembly table where my work is being done.

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I have given thought to building a storage cabinet that can be parked under my Saw Stop table saw. After admitting that the large cubby that was hooked to my table saw's fence was a wrong idea, I have purchased and used a cart to store all my table saw accessories and supplies. I have space to store it in my 3 garage woodshop. I roll it out next my to saw each morning when I set my equipment up for use. I may never need to build an under table saw storage cabinet because this cart is serving my needs. On its three shelves I store all of my Saw Stop brakes, inserts, Micro JIG grippers, push sticks, Magswitch devices, and featherboards. For full disclosure this cart is my second cart used in my shop. Currently, the other cart is holding my Powermatic mortiser. Eventually, I will build a cabinet to hold my mortiser and its related accessories and tools. Then this cart can go back to its intended use for transporting my lumber during the milling process.


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