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My Lunchbox Mods

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So i finally got around to upgrading my DW735 with a Shelix head. Things started off a little rough with me breaking a couple of the retaining clips:
Hand Finger Vehicle door Material property Gas

Nothing a little CA glue couldn't fix:
Hand tool Paint Bicycle part Tool Bicycle handlebar

As i was removing the blades from the original cutter, one of the rare earth magnets fell out XD. CA glue to the rescue:
Sleeve Wood Collar Beige Handgun holster

The installation was super easy. The only thing worth noting is that a relatively small sized snap ring plier is required. I happened to have one from working on old honda motorcycles. The old cutter head came out easier than I anticipated and the new one went in just as smooth.
Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Hood Auto part

Made sure the cutters were snug before i buttoned it all up
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Trunk Electrical wiring

I also installed a Wixey Digital gauge. I added a little locktite to the botton screw then later realized that there was a nut supplied to lock things in place.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tread Tire Wheel

I leveled the in/out feed tables using the penny trick. Originally i just had them level with the planner base but had some pretty bad snipe.
Bumper Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Gas

The last step of course, adding the racing sticker for extra performance:
Cold saw Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Machine tool

I considered removing the impeller from the chip extractor assembly (since i have a relatively decent dust collection setup) but I chickened out at the last moment. I read a post where this is suppose to reduce the motor load. Has anyone tried this?

Unfortunately due to a sleeping baby and it getting late into the day, test runs will have to wait until tomorrow.


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I have the DW735….minus a shelix cutter head, of course. ;^(

I hadn't heard of the "penny trick" for leveling the in/out feed tables. I look forward to hearing about whether or not you get less snipe. I know you are going to love the new cutter head!!!

Here's to first cuts!!!
Great job with the updates. :)
For my 734 I plan on adding a wixey soon and later on a shelix.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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