Festool - ETS 150/5 (Rating: 5)

i recently posted a question as to what ros sander i should get for a$200.00 well shot the budget all to hell.
i demoed the unit at my local woodcraft and after sanding a endgrain cuttingboard in less than 4 min. i was sold
this is a very agressing sander not a finish sander by any means. i can now flaten my boards on drum sander at 80 grit and go to festoll and have it ready for finishing in no time at all. best part is a do a lot of boards and i can sand boards next to boards with finish on them with no worry of dust in the finish. i did not get there vacume
at $410.00 just too much for a vacume i am using a 4 gallon shop vac with a hepa filter and a muffler on the exhaust works as well as the unit a was using when i demoed the sander at woodcraft. this is a very costly sander but if you do a lot of production work it will pay for it self in no time at all in time savings. again i get the 150/5
it has a 5 mill orbit versis the 150/3 with a 3 min. orbit so this is not a finish sander form what i can tell so fare
i have only been using it on cutting boards but not a issue i block sand everything else. save you mony and get this works great