Warrior - Steel Spade Drill Bit Set 13 Pc #93723 (Rating: 5)

As you may or may not know, I recently completed a hand crank drill press inspired by a drawing of one reportedly depicted in Siever's 'Il Pianoforte…" 1868.
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I thought it only fitting to have a set of antique center bits to accompany my new/old drill press. Well, we all know these are had to come by. So, my next best option was to find something to emulate those wonderful old bits, and spade bits seemed like a logical solution.

Most of the spade bits I examined though had rather small side cutters and the shanks were too long to fit my drill press comfortably. That is until I happened upon the Warrior Steel Spade Drill Bit Set #93723 from Harbor Freight. A 13 piece set consisting of bits from 1/4" through 1" in 1/16" increments, having short 1/4" hex shanks that securely lock into a hand brace. Although intended for use in a high speed electric drill the side cutters are machined with spurs that cut nicely at slow speed requiring very little downward force.

I used these bits on my most recent project, a rebate saw made of red elm:

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I cannot speak as to the performance of these bits in an electric dill, as I do not own one. I can however say that they work perfectly in my hand crank drill press and at $9.99 are a welcomed substitute for the antique center bits.