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Mo Power!

Yea! The electricians have arrived. They are going to run a dedicated 20 amp circuit for my 2HP HF Dust Collector. Last week I fired up my new Grizzly 18 inch drum sander and tripped the breaker.

So, I decided to call out the experts. Now the drum sander will be on one circuit and the DC on a completely separate circuit.

AND…they are also going to run a new 15 amp circuit to the dining room and kitchen. We have had problems in the past tripping the breaker in the kitchen especially during the holidays when the microwave, toaster oven and one other appliance is being used. Now the new circuit will solve that problem. Also, I am fixin' to start building a new set of cabinets in the dining room so two outlets will serve the counter area for them. That will make my wife a very happy girl…and me too.
More power is a good thing. And safer!!! We had the same problem in our home when we bought it. Had to install 2 more circuits in the kitchen.
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