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Face Frames and Drawers, Oh My!

I finished up the basic construction on the miter saw station and put it in service. I am loving it.

Using pocket hole construction, I built face frames for both of the lower cabinets.
Note: All of those clamps might be overkill but they kept my stuff where it was supposed to be.

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Next it was time to build the drawers. Actually, there are two trays and three drawers.
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I set up a dado blade on my table saw for a 1/2 inch cut. That allowed me to do two operations:
  1. Rip the drawer pieces for the 1/2 inch plywood I used for the drawer bottoms.
  2. Cross cut the ends of the front and back pieces only.
    I set up a stop block on the table saw fence so the boards would have some space between the end and the fence.

Don't laugh at the painters tape. It worked well as an "almost zero clearance insert". :)

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I also made a simple tray for one of the drawers. It is holding the hardware for my next project.
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And then i ran out of paint! :-(

If you remember, I wrote about the Kreg Precision Measuring System in my last entry. GAWD that thing is the cat's meow. I quickly cut the pieces to build a cooler. Then I realized I had lumber left over, so I cut most of the pieces for the next cooler. The first one is finished and out the door. I plan to start the assembly of the next one tomorrow.
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I had to label the various pieces so I won't get confused.
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And from that pile of boards POOF! Just like maagic, they turned into a cooler.
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Next up in my makeover plans is to incorporate dust collection into the miter saw station. I will have room for the 1 inch belt sander and the oscillating sander.

I found a Fernco plumbing repair rubber boot at HD that is a perfect fit for my miter saw dust port. Inside diameter on both ends is 2 3/8 inches (for 2 inch PVC, I guess). That fit the dust port and the shop Vac hose is 2 1/4 inch diameter so it fits on that end also. Snug the clamps and it is a done deal.
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...and temporary set up for my router table!!!

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And last but not least, a new tape rack! I used a pallet board and some shaker pegs I had on hand.
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Did I mention I am having fun? Well, I am.
This whole blog is awesome. "Poof…a cooler". So cool. What kind of paint did you use…it looks like Milk Paint in Soldier Blue, but I could be way off. I am in love with Milk Paint lately - love how you can see the wood grain through it when it is mixed a bit on the thin side. This is just awesome, great work - great inspiration!


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Under Table Wheeled Tool Storage Drawer

I was sick and tired of my clamp situation. There is not really any wall space available for a clamp rack. So I decided to clean out under my work bench and build a drawer with wheels that I can roll in and out.

I used whatever I could find to make the tray. The front and rear pieces and one side are 3/4 inch plywood. I had to use a piece of 1/2 inch for the other side. :) The bottom is 1/2 inch CD plywood glued and stapled to the frame. I used a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to make a separator for the drawer to keep the clamps separated and somewhat organized. I wish I could have fabricated some slotted pieces so I could let the clamps sit straight up, but there isn't enough clearance to do that.

I made the wheels out of more 1/2 inch plywood. I used a 5 inch hole saw which made the job a snap. All I had to do was sand off the fuzz and install them with 1/4 inch bolts, washers and lock nuts.

As you can see, this is not high end cabinetmaking, but dang this sure is handy and helped reduce the clutter I was dealing with.

I still need a handle. Next trip to town I will get a handle to match the two drawers.

After seeing what a big difference this drawer made, I looked around realized there is more room under my big tool box. so, looks like I will be making several more of these drawers in the near future.

Hope you like it.

Note: This was not my idea. I ran across it in a magazine a while back. I forgot which one.

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Toe-kick drawers are my favorite, great use of otherwise unused space! I want some in my shop…and in my kitchen. Nice work!


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