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Table Saw Fence Rail Modification

I am making preparations to build some kitchen cabinets, and hopefully, another cabinet or two for the shop. I needed more width so I can cut pieces for the cabinet bases 32 inches or wider.

So, after reading Knotscott's instructions, I decided to modify my fence also which would result in the ability to rip up to 36 inches. This is going to work out great.

Steps involved were:
  • Relocate front fence tube to the right.
  • Fabricate an extension for the rear fence
  • Fabricate a wing to fill in the opening to prevent hangups.

This is the before picture.
Table Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Gas

I relocated the front fence tube one set of bolt holes to the right. If you look closely, you can see a pair of threaded holes. I used them later to bolt on a piece of 3/4 plywood to act as a support for the extension wing.
Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle door

Newly positioned fence tube.
Hood Automotive tire Wood Trunk Bumper

I installed a support by bolting a piece of plywood to the bottom of the fence tube with a pair of 1/4×20 bolts and a couple of fender washers.
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I fastened a piece of hardwood to the rear fence rail. I was able to line up the two bolt holes and drill corresponding holes in the wood. That worked out great.
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I fabricated a "wing" using scrap from the wood pile. After building the frame, I glue and stapled a piece of 1/2 inch Baltic birch on top. I drilled a few 3/4 inch holes for clamps…just in case they are needed.
Wood Rectangle Composite material Machine tool Table

Table Wood Engineering Workbench Gas

Wood Table Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle

I installed the wing with pocket screws.
Table Wood Tool Floor Workbench

Wood Table Wood stain Gas Drawer

Wood Composite material Mechanical fan Gas Flooring

Here is the finished product. The wing fits nicely and is level with the table. My fence slides cross it with no hangups. I now have the capability of ripping sheet goods up to almost 37 inches wide. That works for me.
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And I can use the clamps to secure a router fence if needed. Most of the time I use the fence for dust collection only. I usually have a roundover bit installed in the router ready to go at a moments notice. I have a separate router table for other operations.
Wood Floor Flooring Tool Gas

Wood Tool Workbench Floor Flooring
That wood extension for the rear rail is really slick!


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