Festool - ETS 150/3 EQ (Rating: 5)

The last random orbital sander I bought was from a retailer known as 'Handyman'. (circa 1960's)
This Festool ETS 150/3 EQ is an amazing machine. Its does not even feel like the old Black and Decker that it replaced, of course that was 40 years ago. From the electronic speed control to the internal dust extraction system this the BEST random orbital sander that I have personally handled.
When combined with the Festool CT 36 mobile dust extractor the combination of the the two really take the "chore" out of sanding my outdoor redwood patio benches.
The attached photo shows my son sanding a bent laminated bench in my back yard.

What is my next purchase ?

I think it will be the new "medium weight" cordless drill.