Powermatic - PM1800 18" Bandsaw (Rating: 5)

Hello! I am not new to forums or new to woodworking, but I am new to THIS forum. I joined mainly to post my review of this saw but looks like a good forum with a lot of information and good people. So hello from Texas!

RobWoodWorker's post was one of a few reviews that I read (there are only a few out there) before pulling the trigger on this PM 1800 mega bandsaw. Rather than rehashing a lot of the same data, I thought I would just piggy back onto Rob's post and compare my findings to his. Hope you don't mind Rob!

My first impression when I saw this thing was the same as his, "this thing was huge"! I first saw one at Circle Saw of Houston, the leading local supplier of "high end" woodworking power tools in the area. Now, Circle Saw ain't what it used to be, but nothing in the US is. They just so happened to have one of these things in stock. Not on the show room floor mind you, but in the back warehouse wrapped up in a crate, just the way it arrived from the factory.

I have not had any dust collection issues. I don't have a central dust collection system in my shop but use the Delta 50-850A 1.5 HP, 1200 CFM Dust Collector with Canister. It has way more than the 400 CFM requirement and gets every spec of dust out of the saw.

Rob states: "Alignment is pretty straight forward." I would agree. This is the biggest bandsaw that I have ever owned but not the first. I also grew up working in mills that used production grade American made power tools. So the whole set up went without a hitch.

Rob States: "Out of the box the supplied 3/4" blade tracked dead on. No adjustments at all." This was not the case for me. After meticulous set up, I thought I would jump right in there and re-saw a 12" board. I had about a 2' section of finished 12" select white pine so I moved the fence to split it down the middle and put the factory edge to the fence.

Everything else was set dead on. This time I jointed one side of a 2×4 and re-sawed a 1/8" thick piece of veneer off the rough side. This cut tracked true and the piece was fairly uniform throughout.

I bought this saw for its massive re-saw capability. It will take up to a 1.5" blade.

I agree totally with Rob on all his pros/cons and his suggestions for improvement with the additional issues noted above. His assessment was very thorough and well written. Another exception for me was that I had no issues setting up the rails, fences, and sight gauge. That all went together just fine.


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