Custom Branding Iron - Custom Branding Iron (Rating: 5)

I was lucky enough to win this branding iron in a contest this summer on Lumberjocks.

You can check out my winning contest entry on My Lumberjocks Blog.

I've had one of these on my tool list for a long time.

I'd look at them, but I never took any action.

I wished I'd bought one of these many years ago now.

I highly recommend this tool to all Woodworkers, & Carvers.

When you order this tool you can talk directly to the owner Terry Desilets.

He is very nice to talk to, & he'll give you excellent advice on your design choice.

You can find him on this link.

If your planning on ordering a custom iron, he'll personally advise you on the design you should have.

You can send him an idea of what you'd like, & he'll work up a design, or two, & send them for your approval.

I was planning on having my brand say, Handcrafted by, but Terry thought it would be redundant, because he said that anyone can see that most of my work is done by hand.

I'm glad I took his advice, because it allowed my signature to be larger.

As you can see by my brand design, I sent him my signature that I've always used, & he modified it, so it would be compatible with the branding iron.


I'd also like to recommend: If you should send Terry a sample of your signature , or proposed design, you need to send it at 300dpi 8 bit le, or 300dpi 1 bit Black & White, output at 200% if possible, in order for him to be able to scan it properly.


You can also view this video slideshow of me using it for the first time.

It's a great way to mark your things.