Critter Spray Products - Critter Spray Gun (Rating: 5)

Hi Guys. I don't know if I'm doing this right or not. There was a previous review of this gun and I just wanted to give my review as well.
Came across Woodgal's entry about the Critter so I read more reviews from Amazon. Got my Critter Sprayer from Amazon for $33.81 free tax/shipping.
Got 12 regular mouth Ball mason jars from our local Stater Bros. supermarket for around $10.
Filled 1 with blue tinted water (used food coloring) just for practice, 1 with clear water for cleaning, and 1 with white Home Depot brand latex paint thinned with Floetrol and water for testing.

I replaced the hose plug on the gun with a hex nipple so I can connect my sprayer requlator or disposable dessicant/air filter if need be.
It's a brass 1/8×1/4 npt hex nipple from McMaster-Carr for $4.71.

I was curious to see how this gun would perform compared to my Devilbiss Finishline 3 gun.
The Devilbiss HVLP gun just sucks the air out of my Sears 25g 2HP compressor. It needs 23 psi at inlet dialed in with a sprayer regulator and a 2.2mm fluid tip.
When I sprayed latex for my built-in the compressor was almost always on for a solid hour that it took me to finish. The hose was getting hot.
Needless to say I got the wrong gun to use with my compressor.
However it is a very good sprayer but does take a while to clean.

On the other hand my Critter was just fun to use.
It took a long time before my compressor kicked in again so I got to enjoy spraying. I had so much fun I just sat on the concrete floor and just kept on spraying. Kinda therapeutic. I even offered to spray my neighbors Suburban(just kidding). I tested it on plywood and MDF and was satisfied with the results. Hardly any overspray.
Hanged the Critter using my devilbiss spray gun holder on my sawhorse.

For cleaning I wiped the fluid tube with a small piece of paper towel and screwed in the jar filled with water and sprayed for a few second until the water was clear.
I removed the fluid nozzle because there was a litlle bit of paint stuck on the threads and in the orifice. Cleaned the orifice and theads with toothpick and a spray gun brush dipped in lacquer thinner. All in all probably 5 mins.

I gave it 5 stars for the cost, ease of cleaning and fun factor.
Lumberjocks is an awesome site and am glad to share my experience.