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My bedroom furniture project

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I present you my project for the construction of bedroom furniture.

I watched as the furniture to suit individual needs:

- Larger storage space (indoor 190×215cm, total size 240×220cm) and not to waste in outer space (sliding doors).
- Easily removable and mounted in another location (the whole assembly can be mounted with the drawers / shelves on the right).
- Practical and visually pleasing: when you open the room door you don't see just a PAL box like any other cabinets. Shelf area does not prevent the visual field and is based only on the back foot to eliminate any obstacle that you can hit.
- Economical: cheap white PAL is used, doors are made of light wood frame covered in canvas, sliding economical system, we removed the plywood on the back of the cabinet. Cabinet materials cost approx. 200$

You are free to modify the project as you wish, and in the end you will have the satisfaction that from your hands came out an unique furniture.

Tools required

Variable speed drill Electric jig saw Drilling template: used to correct centering holes on the edge of the plate and alignment holes on two different boards.

15mm wood-cutter or cutters set Hand saw Limiting drill and wood drill bits 8,6,4 mm Vices: 3-4pcs

In addition some common hand tools are necessary: square, abrasive paper, and cross screwdriver, hammer, pliers, cutter.

Any construction operations can be done by one person with two hands (but not two "left hands"). Help is needed only at final assembly on position, standing.
For this activity you need a large room (an empty room recommended) that can be easily clean. Cover with foil furniture left in the room (you'll need to for cutting, grinding and making wood powder).

CAUTION: Use protective equipment required for each operation: gloves and goggles (when working with a jig saw). Dust mask (when you wood polished).
Last but not least, if you work in the apartment, respect the rest schedule and not make excessive noise.
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