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My 1st pie crust tilt top table #2

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My 1st pie crust tilt top table #2

Were we left off was getting ready to make a jig to make a jig.

We start with a piece of melamine that's is approximately 32"x32"

next I take a straight edge and make lines corner to corner and then lines from the half way mark forming an X across the center of our melamine. Now I take a measurement half way between the other marks and draw a line between them.

Mistake… I was in a hurry and got my lines off so I did not have equal spacing.
When done with this step you should have 16 equal spaces.


Now I carefully drill a hole in the dead center of all the lines running through all the lines. It is important to have this hole parallel . So I took a piece of 2×4 and drilled a hole in the center to use as a drill guide.

Just barely drill a starter hole and then use the guide to drill no further than 7/16" deep

Now insert and glue short section of wood dowel into the hole. I used a 5/16 because that's what I had about 3" long.

In the next installment we will start the process of shaping our jig to make our supplemental jigs

Link to Charles Neil "The Maric of Routers
were I got this whole process from

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check .

did you end up redoing the lines to get 16 equal spaces? or did you just drill in the spot where 'most' of the lines crossed?
Jim: Never, Never state that you have a problem. Everyone will loose confidence in what you say and show. That is except for me because I always make mistakes.
Karson - please …. you don't make mistakes. you create new possibilities!
Hey Purp
Yes I did correct the lines because they need to be accurate for the up coming process.

Hey Karson
I make mistakes and I think every one does. I think by sharing were I goofed might help someone else from making my mistakes. If people feel that I'm not super man that's because I'm not . I did the project because I wanted to learn something new and I certainly did learn a lot so far.

Thanks for all you input everyone .let me know how to do blogs better next time all you guys that do them all the time.
Thanks Jim. I think it would help if you mention in the original post how you overcome a mistake/problem, this would help other's who might run into the same problem in the future. other than that - you're doing a terrific job with this blog - it has a very nice progression to it, and is easy to follow the story ! Thanks.
Thanks Purp
Good point.
ooops, I actually didn't notice it -but this is posted as a forum topic…

if you'll post this as a blog - you can group all the posts into a series. you can give the series name something like "My 1st pie Crust Tilt Top Table" and then it'll automatically update the #1..#2…#3… with each post that you add to that blog series. where you can also add a subtitle such as "the beginning" .... "the jig of jigs" ... etc.

this will also make it possible for you/others to go to the NEXT '"episode" in the series by using the blogs built in NEXT/PREVIOUS links.

just a thought. :)
Thanks for your help Purp I tried to do that I hope I got it right on #3
Jim, Nice to see you actually doing some woodworking and making dust instead of just posting…....................LOL
Man, those segments can be tricky. Are you going to cut all the segments from the pattern, or do plan to cut the last segment to whatever dimension is necessary to fill the remaining space?
That's the rest of the story Mike.
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