Woodworking Magazine - Handplane Essentials by Christopher Schwarz (Rating: 5)

I had been looking to pick this book and while I was at the Sacramento Woodworking show I ordered one from the Lee Valley booth. They had a nice discount on the book and the shipping was free.

Chris Schwarz is one of my favorite woodworking authors. He is the editor for Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine. He also has an excellent blog that covers all forms of furnature building, workbench and hand tool topics. He also has produced a number of excellent handplane, tool and woodworking related DVDs.

The book is 312 pages long and is full of information on everything you need to know to about hand planes to get a full appreciation for the different forms of the tools. I belive much of this information comes from past articles and blog entries. The major section of the book include the basics, sharpening, techniques, History and philosophy and reviews of wide variety of planes. If you like handplanes or would like to include them in your woodworking toolkit, I would highly recommend getting a copy.

The book can be ordered from a number of sources including Amazon, Popular Woodworking, and Lee Valley.


The other thing that was an interesting surprise is that I have a plane very similar to the one on the cover (Bedrock 603 with a hock blade)