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Must have router bits for beginners

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I've tried searching the forum for a set of recommended "must have router bits" but didn't really find the answers I was looking for. I was hoping that some experienced router guys would offer some suggestions for building a beginners arsenal of bits, and perhaps some brand names you have had good/bad luck with quality.

I know I want round overs, chamfers, dovetails, flush trims, and perhaps something to cut box joints.

Links to other threads are just as good as a fresh answer, and I appreciate any and all feedback.

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i say a good 4 pack of roundovers (and decent brand that uses carbide) is helpful. Also a small 4-5 pack of variety bits. Then get a set of rebetting bits (probably pays to buy quality here since replacing a set isn't cheap and these will be used lots. finally, a good flush cutting bit. I'd try to stick with 1/2 inch shanks when possible. Everything else can probably be added as needed. hope this helps. hopefully i didn't forget anything (assuming cabinet bits will come later).

PS - some find undersized plywood bits helpful too.
My most frequest users are roundovers, coves, chamfer, straights, rabbet, thumbnail edge, ogee, flush trim/pattern bit, and panel raisers. Get 1/2" shank whenever possible, and avoid the cheapest no name bits…carbide flies!

My first set was a 15 pc set from MLCS for $40 shipped…a good first set that lasted 3 or 4 years with occasional use. If I were to do it over, I'd lean toward the 7 pc basic set of the most commonly used profiles from Whiteside (~ $80 shipped from Holbren with "SMC10" discount code), then would add a few individual profiles as needed. Smaller sets make sense to me, but I don't recommend the very large sets of cheaper bits…they're still a lot money out of pocket in the end, and have several near duplicate profiles.

You can get decent quality import bits for lesser used and special profiles…names like MLCS, Holbren, Grizzly, Woodcraft, Woodline are good values. Highend bits for frequently used profiles and the most critical (visible) cuts last longer and cut better…Whiteside, Eagle America, Infinity, Freud, Amana, CMT are all excellent. MLCS's "Katana" line, and Eagle America's "Price Cutter" line are happy mediums.

Thumbnail edge:

Classical ogee:

Panel raising set:
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Knotscot can you email me and tell me how you do the highlited words which open up to adverts and the like I have always wondered how this was done?Alistair
of all the forums I've ever been involved in (trucks, cars, computers, carpentry, carving, golf, sports, etc) that's the best answer I've ever seen. Thanks Knotscot!!

Hokiemojo, The undersized plywood bits was a good idea I hadn't thought of. Thanks!! (Can't wait for Enter Sandman to play and Beamer to bring the boys out to do battle!!)
Hey Chip
There are set of router bits on e bay that have a good variety, the sets Scott recommends are higher quality but to get a feel for what types of router bits you like these sets on e bay are very inexpensive and hold up amazing well for there cost as an example the have set with 80 pieces for around $80 including shipping . I normally suggest you buy the best tools you can afford but as an introduction to router bits these work well I have a number of students that have purchased them an they love them.
Thanks Jim… that's not a bad idea.
You're welcome Chip…kind of you to say.

Scotsman, I sent you a PM, but thought I'd post that note here in case others are interested:

"Hi Scotsman! (Nice desk BTW!)

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one more bit that was not mentioned but I find that I probably use the most (well, maybe after roundover) is template following (flushtrim with bearing between the cutter and the router). these are never cheap for some reason but are very very useful
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