Other - Patented Transitional & Metallic Handplanes in America VolI & II (Rating: 5)

Although this book has been mentioned a few times, I don't know of a formal review here, so here goes: Volume I and II, "Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America" is an astounding body of research on the development of handplanes made since 1827. The research deals with planes from 1827 to 1927 in volume I and 1927 to the present in volume II. In it you will find data from the US Patent Office, as well as blueprints, logos, and advertising literature for the perhaps hundreds of US plane makers through history. Also is a section on spoke shaves and related tools. There are 336 pages in each volume.

These volumes are full of obscure facts, such as businesses that purchased planes from manufacturers and upgraded them with their own patented accessories, planes marked by one manufacturer but built by another, and planes that never got off the drawing board. Data is presented more-or-less alphabetically. There is of course an entire section for Stanley, including many examples I'd never seen or heard of. Here's a random page:

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Yes, I've got most of the popular hand plane books, which focus on the user skill, care and maintenance etc. This book is devoted to the identification of historic planes and the technical evolution of the plane itself. These two books, my own first editions, will be displayed prominently in my antique bookcase with my other cherished woodworking books.