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Moving powermatic planer

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Just bought a Powermatic planer model no# 209hh. Can I lift it like a delta 15 " with 2- 2X4 on bed
with head tighten down? I know there are rods to help lift but 2X would be easier to help move out of sellers garage. Any thoughts on this?
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Out of curiosity what did you pay for it. I have been looking at one in my area also.
Personally, I wouldn't. That's why the lifting bars are there. Buy some furniture dollies and move it around on those.

Great machine by the way.
That's not an awfully heavy machine, but it's a bit heavy so
you may want to consider disassembling it. The core planer
part is probably about 400 lb. You can take the tables off,
wheel it up to the back of a truck on a dolly, take the bolts
out and slide the planer on to a piece of plywood bridging the
gap between the tailgate and the planer stand. Use an adjustable
sawhorse or something under the free end of the plywood.
Once the planer is not the wood, slide both into the bed.

The cabinet can be manhandled into the bed by tipping it
onto a 30" x 60" piece of ply leaned at an angle against
the tailgate, then left up the end and slide the wood in
with the cabinet on it.
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I looked it up and the shipping weight of a new one is 890#.

A couple of years ago, I bought a HF engine lift on sale also with a 20% off coupon. Most of the time it just sits in a corner of my garage but when I have to move heavy equipment it works great with a couple of nylon straps. Being a bit older, I do not want to risk trying to tip something. I have used it to pick up heavy equipment and then set it down on a trailer. You might consider borrowing one, renting one or buying one.

Good find and good luck getting it moved.
+1 to Redoak49's suggestion and congratulations on the great addition to your arsenal.
Paid $3000 clean Like new 2009 .Will post pic's when I get a chance. Will be selling DC- 380 15" delta planer with
dispoz-A-blade set-up.
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