Powermatic - 209 20" Planer (Rating: 4)

I bought this planer about a year and a half ago. I wanted to upgrade my 13" lunchbox planer and figured that there was no sense just upgrading to 15". I can't remember what lead to my decision to go with the Powermatic over other brands.
The planer is heavily built and came with large, cast iron extension tables. Built in wheels made it easy to move around, thankfully because it is almost 800lbs! It also comes with an extra gear sprocket and gear chain to change the feeding speed from 16-20FPM to 24-31FPM.
Overall it works very well with very little snipe. Bottom line. The extension tables are difficult to align properly, but I imagine that this is similar for every machine (certainly the case with my jointer and TS). My only disappointment with the planer is the dust collection. It comes with a 5" duct hood which is silly (why not 6" in this industrial sized machine??) and the duct is parallel to and located only a few inches above the planer table which often leads to wood hitting the ducting. This is a stupid design. Even pointing the duct a few degrees upwards would have made this better. As usual with a lot of machinery, the dust collection seems to be an afterthought. Otherwise the planer would be excellent.