Hendrik Varju - Mortise and Tenon Joinery "Private Woodworking Instruction in a Box (Rating: 5)

First I want to say thank you to Hendrik Varju for giving this very fine, 5, yes, I said 5, DVD's as a gift to the fine pages of Lumberjocks. Also, thank you Cricket for setting up things for all and any of us to be the proud owner of this type of prize.
I want to say, almost 11 hours, yes, 11 hours of the many different, and intricately detailed how-to's, and explanations of how and why's of the fine art of Mortise and Tenon Joinery. WHEW, that was a mouthful. I hope I said it all right.
I took about 3 days, at a few hours a day watching this 5-dvd box set from Hendrik Varju.
He is very in-depth at showing, sharing, and teaching the art of mortise and tenon joinery. Also, there is some bonus footage of some sharpening hollowing chisels, and through wedged mortise and tenon joinery as well.
A very fine set of dvd's.
I want to thank you, Hendrik, Cricket, and this gr8 site called Lumberjocks for this fine prize.
I dabbled into the world of mortise and tenon joinery a little in the past. I used it in a few of my projects. There was still a lot to learn from Hendrik. I will arm myself with this knowledge and hopefully produce some fine projects with mortise and tenons in the future.
Thanks again.
I'm sure his other dvd's are all worth checking out. A man or woman can never have too much how-to, and/or tips. :)