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RustFever (Ira) took these photos and sent these to me to post. Please let me know who is who and I will update the post with the right names:

Photo 1 - John Ormsby, GarySharp, Ira, TBD, NewTim, majeagle1, Napaman
Picture 229

Photo 2 -
Picture 220

Photo 3 - majeagle1, Napaman
Picture 223

Photo 4 -
Picture 215

Photo 5 - GarySharp
Picture 224

Photo 6 -
Picture 222

Photo 7 -
Picture 221

Photo 8 -
Picture 217

Photo 9 - Rabbet , Napaman, and Wayne C (left to right)
Picture 219

Photo 10 -
Picture 218

Photo 11 -
Picture 216

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Great photos Wayne!!! I still have not seen any from Ira I think he needed help but I know he took a bunch…

I can tell you that in Photo # that is "newtim" (the taller gentleman just to the left of Gene-majeagle)

and in photo 9 with myself and YOU (wayne) that is Scott--aka Rabbet…

and in photo 2 I am certain he is an LJ--I just cant remember…sorry…

Great phtos…it was a nice day…


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Photo 5 is Rogersharp
He is also standing next to John Orsmby in photo 1.
#8 is our LumberJill. Her husband and she have the Chidwick School in Montana. The Chidwick School is a family affair. They brought the son and daughter with them. Two VERY WELL behaved young adults.
I'll post the names of some of the other when I return home this eve.

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I am trying to reconstruct my list. So excuse me if I messed up. I hope I have not mis-identified anyone.

  1. John, ...Rohnert Park
    #4 is Ron,,,,,aka Bear
    #8 is Sherry from Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking, Montana
    #10 is Paul…aka White Dog

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This is a list of those signing in. I have many of the pics. but not all. I was faithful in taking pics when I was in the booth both Friday and Sat.
However, I did not get into the show until nearly noon on Sunday. I believe I took no pics Sunday. I am not sure that everyone stopping by actually signed it. but I believe those manning the booth were diligent in getting all to sign in.

Ron, bear
Jim, Grass Valley
Doug ..kcs47, Vacaville
George, Sacto, Calif GBear
Sherry, Montana
Paul, White Dog
Scott, Napa
Mat, Napaman
John, ..Rohnert Park

Jim …Sebastopol
Gerry, Hereford AZ
Gene …Majeagle
John Ormsbury
Jason, ........Sacto

Abe Low
Jack, ..Davis CA
Blake…Santa Cruz

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Thats me, second from the left in picture one and me by myself in picture 5 Gary Foster
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