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More mystery wood

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Here's another mystery wood for you.

All I know about this wood is this, This is from some shipping pallets, they SHOULD be from South America. The wood is heavier than oak, pretty hard, and is very waxy. The wood feels like it was coated in a liberal coating of beeswax.
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My guess is Eucalyptus or Radiata Pine

It looked like a pine to me, and I found an article about sources of pallet wood from S. America that mention these 2 species also.
Thanks very much for the info MattD, those links are fantastic. To me it does looks like one of those kinds of Eucalyptus. Now that I'm looking for it, it does smell faintly of Eucalyptus oil, and that would explain the waxy oily feeling of the wood. Good call!
I remember a thread a while back about some kind of wood in the south that everyone avoids because it twists and checks too bad as it dries and is nearly worthless for woodworking. Just can't think of the name right now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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