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I'm trying to figure the best way to go for a project to restore door and window casings. The original oak in a few rooms was torn out for an ill-advised remodel probably in the 50s. I figured out a way to do a pretty good approximation of the original using my table saw and router table. But it's complicated and awkward and I'm not completely satisfied with the results.
I've seen some shapers on Craigslist and am interested in that as a possible alternative. One guy has an old Montgomery Ward machine with no cutter heads for $60. The casings are 3 1/2 inches. Would I be able to retrofit and set up to do it that way without spending a small fortune? Do I even want to go down that road?
A third thought is that my neighbor moved out and gave me her dad's fairly new Shopsmith Pro 12-inch planer. I know some planers can double as molding machines, but it doesn't look like the SS can.
I'm in Delaware County PA and there's at least one guy on Craigslist who cuts custom molding and at some point that would be cheaper, but what's the fun in that?
Any thoughts, advice etc?

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