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Moisture content for thick shelf

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I have a 2.5 inch slab of pecan I want to make a 10" deep, 7' long shelf with. Going inside my house. Slab was kiln dried to 9% (according to the guy that sold it to me) but is at 15% now. Am I good to use it with this much moisture still inside? No joinery, just some finish one it, likely stain. Just a solid piece of 2" thick wood with some 1/2" thick rod going thru it as floating shelf brackets.
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15% seems a little high for interior use, but you will probably be ok since you are not joining the slab to anything other than a steel rod. I think ideally you want it between 6% and 9% for interior use. How long have you had it inside your house? Have you given it a month or 2 inside your house to acclimate and see if it will move any?

You might consider resawing it into thick (~1/16 - 1/8") veneer, making a torsion box for the shelf (plywood or MDF), and applying the pecan to the torsion box. This would give you the same/similar look, it would likely be lighter, and wood movement would likely be a non-issue.
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