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Moisture content for thick shelf

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I have a 2.5 inch slab of pecan I want to make a 10" deep, 7' long shelf with. Going inside my house. Slab was kiln dried to 9% (according to the guy that sold it to me) but is at 15% now. Am I good to use it with this much moisture still inside? No joinery, just some finish one it, likely stain. Just a solid piece of 2" thick wood with some 1/2" thick rod going thru it as floating shelf brackets.
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15% moisture isn't even at EMC for air drying lumber outside let alone inside. It'll take about a full seasonal cycle indoors at 70 degrees and 30-50% seasonal humidity before that 2.5" thick slab finally gets close to EMC and settles down and quits moving on you. Just remember, wood is a slow moving sponge that wants to reach equilibrium with its environment. If you take KD wood that is 6-8% and put it out in your nonheated/climate controlled garage, it will swell right back up to 11-13%.
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