Moffatt - 95050 Task Lamp (Rating: 5)

Moffatt 95050 Task Lamp, Incandescent/Halogen Lamp Type, Direct Mount Base Type, 24" Arm Length, 100 Watts, 1690 Raw Lumens. About $52 on Amazon.

Here's the Moffat task light mounted on the Laguna 1412 bandsaw, really works well. It's very heavy duty, has a nice toggle on/off switch, takes a standard base 110v bulb, and made in USA. I used a Phillips 60-watt halogen flood bulb, nice 'warm' light which is kind to my old eyes! Best of all, it's almost infinitely positionable to where you need the light, unlike the Laguna light kit which is fixed and as a result light is somewhat blocked when the blade guide is in lowered positions.

Might have given this a 4 1/2 star rating due to the plastic shade. It seems sturdy and looks like it could be easily replaced if needed. In any case, the lamp does exactly what I needed.

The Moffatt mounts with two 1/4-20 hex sockethead machine screws and lock nuts (furnished). Had to drill a hole in my new 1412 and enlarge one of the existing holes, but didn't mind a bit after using the light!

Hope this might help someone 'see the light'!