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Mobile Base Powermatic PM1000

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Hoping to get some recommendations for a mobile base for a Powermatic PM1000. Thanks in advance..
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Smooth floors - Grizzly Bear Crawl mobile bases
Depending on size of TS base, might be able to use smaller Bear Crawl 'cub' mobile base.

FWIW - Own both Grizzly and Shop Fox bases. There are nearly same, even the cross bar size. Shopfox recently redesigned their mobile bases to use the same cast iron hub polyurethane tires as bear crawl bases. Which makes the only difference, the stop/lift foot. Shopfox uses a screw lift to stop movement, Grizzly uses a foot lever. If do not move saw very often, the screw knobs are OK. Grizzly has deep discounts on ShopFox bases till 6/1.

Rough floors - Rockrap All Terrain
My review of All Terrain has pic comparing different bases and issues incountered with small wheels (< 4").

Prefer my machines stationary but I moved to a temporary shop and needed to be able to move them around.

So I went with Bora kits from Amazon. Just the rolers and you furnish the base. I used some 3/4" plywood and I am impressed!

I have had bases in the past and never liked them. So I was reluctant but these are good because I could fit them to which ever machine I decided to make mobile. My Unisaw was one and I am amazed at how easy move. Even across my rough slab.

Another thing I like is that if you mess up, and I did, you can easily make or alter the base to fix the problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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