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Mobile Base for Table Saw

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Recently, I was extremely fortunate to get a Jet JTAS Table Saw with the extension table. I need to get a mobile base for it. I have a variety of mobile bases on-line and was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. Are certain brands better than others? Do I need to get one made specifically for my saw or is a universal base ok? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a jointer/planer which has fixed adjustable legs on it and we took out the fixed legs and ordered a mini mobile base by Shop Fox. In putting it together I found that the jointer/planer rocked once on the base. My next door neighbor is a retired welder from Norfolk Southern in Charlotte and he said the base was poorly constructed as the metal pieces forming the bottom did not line up. Also, a friend of mine took a piece of 45 degree angle iron and cut it into pieces, then welded them together. We cut holes for the casters to be screwed onto it through, put a piece of plywood in it and my table saw has been rolling around in it for 21 years.
If you don't mind a little work making your own could be fun and not as expensive. My Shop Fox cost $59.95 and you could pick up a piece of angle iron for maybe $10 or less.
Hope this helps
I make all of my own, I buy good casters from woodcraft and then build each different to match the machine. But if your going to buy one already built…DO NOT buy a shopfox.They have not got any better in the 21 years since Wayne bought his. When I got my new saw awhile back…I thought I would save time and money and just get a factory one. With in three days, the wheels bowed out so far that the metal base was sitting on the ground. My saw weighs about 600lbs….and the base was rated for 700lbs….BIG waste of money.

The one I built for my saw is rock steady and when the saw needs to be moved, it can easily be moved with one hand.

Here is a recent review of a mobile base from Andy… ...he gave it very high marks. You may pm him and ask him what he thinks of it now that he has had it longer.
Glad to hear that. Mine was junk….the company I orderd it from was very nice and sent me another once I told them what happend. But by that time I had already built another.
I find that the one made by your tool manufacture specific for the tool is the best. I have tried a number of different bases including the kits where you buy the wood stretchers. I have used the Jet adjustable bases for a few of my tools (bandsaw, jointer) and they seem to work OK, although when you get a real heavy tool on them that is high they tend to wable. I have my Powermatic mortise machine on a Jet adjustable stand and the base metal flexes and the tool moves a bit. I wish I had bought the Powermatic base or at least put a piece of 3/4 plywood in the base first. I use the Powermatic base for my Powermatic 66 and its great.
Toolpig, just ordered a Unisaw and wanted to make a base with 4 swivel casters. My shop is tiny, tiny… I can not register with Sawmillcreek to see your photos. Is there a way for you to post them to Lumberjocks. I'm still trying to get on SMC.
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