MLCS - On-Point Universal Laser Guided Router Plate #9098 (Rating: 5)

Received this today, and mounted it up to a PC 690 D handle router. It's kind of one of my "go to" routers in the shop. It was thicker than I expected, with a larger hole to be able to use larger bits than the Rockler clear insert that I had been using on this router, so it will not be able to use standard PC insert guides, and that"s ok with me as I have other plates to use. The laser was "dead nuts" on using a 45 V grove bit, But the feature I like the most are the 2 White LED's, they light up the cutting area very well. The Left hand handle is angled at a very comfortable and useful position for flush trimming and other bearing operations. From the instructions It seems to be pre-drilled to fit a number of other routers. This was on "sale" last week for 45 bucks with free shipping, and for me no sales tax, so a good value for what I have seen so far.