Micro Jig - MJ Splitter Steel PRO system (Rating: 4)

As an owner of an older, inheirited saw with no guards this was the best and easiest solution I have come across. The saw had the stock splitter/guard disposed of after my dad's first use of the saw…it was not good and deserved being tossed. I only have room on my saw for a single steel tab, and not for the kerf keeper behind it. Even at that I had to drill into the iron top to accomodate the tab. This is a reflection of the saw and not the splitter. The instructions seemed a bit confusing at first, but if you just follow them 1 step at a time, they are fairly straight forward. The system has graduated tabs that offset by .003 more with each mark added. This makes it easy to fine tune once installed. A really nice "feather board" effect keeps the piece being cut tight against the fence after the blade. I would have given it 5 stars, but my installation is a bit of an odd ball one where I cannot utilize the full system. If you have a saw with no splitter this is an inexpensive way to make the saw safer, more accurate, and easier to use. I bought the thin kerf model as I am setting it up on a low power saw with a Freud 24 tooth thin kerf ripping blade.