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Missing page

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When I go to view this page, I should be viewing page 48 of the "all replies" page Workbench Smackdown thread. Instead, all I see is the "Have your say…" portion of the page; the navigation to the next or previous pages, the post entries and the Pulse info are all missing.

If I change the link from to page 47 or 49 (or presumably any other page), then the page renders properly with all the appropriate post entries.

Can anyone else duplicate this behaviour?
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Thanks. I've spent some time doing computer programming in the past, and this seemed like an ODD bug; why page 48?

It is reassuring to know that it's probably not "operator error".
Hmmmm, interesting. Maybe someone censored something that would be on page 48?
Working fine for me… takes me right to page 48 which starts with reply #2351. Although it gets kind of wonky after 2382 (2383 through 2400) where it seems like people were playing with the 'table' markup and got things messed up.

Okay. I was showing this to my son last night (a Linux guy, BTW), and between what we observed, what I've read on the Workbench Smackdown thread and what you just added, and I believe that you're right.

Entry #2401 talks about "Still, I'm really surprised at how easy it is to insert code and completely destroy the formatting of the page." Entry #2371 included "testing table code
", and then the formatting/rendering starts to go wonky.

Entry #2377 explains what was done. Entry #2382 was an example of "Third Nerd Action Fully demonstrated the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do principle", which broke the rendering again (the quote is from entry #2380). The rendering stays broken for the rest of the page.

I hadn't seen any of these threads before because the page rendering placed them MANY, MANY screens down, so I had just given up and assumed that they weren't there.

So, there IS a flaw in the site's coding that allows anyone to mess up the formatting and potentially kill a thread. All that kept the Workbench Smackdown thread alive was its high traffic.

Thanks all. We should let this thread die, now. I'm out.
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Okay, that page is from 2013. I can try to fix it, but no promises.
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