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Showcase Categories
Showcase Sidebar Feature
If you click to open a project, you will see additional projects in the sidebar.

This feature will also display for Journals and Workshops.

How To Follow Member Showcases
To use the Follow feature within Showcase categories, click Follow to the far right of the title.

This will allow you to filter the Showcase tab within NEW to Followed content if you wish.

To accomplish this, Click on NEW near the upper right-hand corner of the community.

Click on New Showcase

Click on Filters, add a checkmark to Followed content and click Filter at the bottom.

How To Alert Members When Updating Your Showcase
If you want to alert those members following your showcase when you make an update/edit, use the following steps.

Click on the title or image of the Showcase that you want to edit.

Once your Showcase opens, scroll down.

Above Comments, click on the Kebab (3 vertical dots).

From the drop-down menu that opens, select Edit item.

From here, you will be brought to the editor used to create the Showcase, and you will be able to make changes or add content as needed. Before clicking Save at the bottom, you can add a checkmark to post as an update if you are working on an ongoing Showcase. This will alert any followers to any updates you make to your Showcase projects.
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