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Mirka CEROS: Can I put 6" Pad on 5" Model?

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The title says it all:
I'm going to buy a Mirka CEROS and will be sanding everything from interior doors to cabinets and small boxes. If I buy the 5" (CEROS 550CV) can I use a 6" pad and paper on it when I'm sanding larger pieces?

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Hi Greg,

You can, but you would be throwing money (and sandpaper) away. In addition, you may damage some of your work.

The 5" disks are already slightly larger than the backing pad. Trying to sand something with no backing pad behind it is a waste of effort, and if the edge rips, you could have a flailing piece of sandpaper that could damage something.

I just did a quick look and the 5" and 6" models are essentially the same price. I'd suggest looking at buying a replacement pad if you can get both the 5" and 6" to mount on the same motor unit.
Hey Bob,
I misspoke in my post. I meant to say can I mount a 6" Backing Pad (i.e., Mirka #8295291511 Backing Pad 150mm 5/16th" Grip 15H Medium) onto the 5" CEROS?

I'm hoping it would work because then I could get double-duty out of the one motor body.
I did a quick Google search and found that the price is almost the same. I'd recommend that you look at the replacement pads and see if they will mount on the same way.
Looking at the parts schematic for the CEROS it appears the backing pads could be interchangeable. Even the shrouds look to be the same except the 6" is one inch larger than the 5".

I would like to hear from an owner who has tried it out, though.
It would be interesting to find out. Have you asked a dealer?
I bought the 5" because it will go in smaller places and can still do bigger jobs. I'm not sure a 6" would be enough faster on bigger jobs to justify two sets of discs in inventory though.
That was my thinking in going with the 5" CEROS. But I have 21 doors I'll be painting this spring (wife changing interior colors from stained to white paint) and thought the 6" could make it go a bit faster.

I'll give Mirka a call and see if it will work. Good point about the inventory, Paul.
All three CEROS models (3", 5", 6") use the same motor and the same 5/16" stud mount. They also use the same AC/DC converter power source.

So no problem with using a 6" backing pad on the 5" CEROS.
Good to know but the inventory cost will keep me in 5" I think.
Agreed, buying another backing pad at $41+ and the additional 6" sanding discs would buy a lot of 5" paper. I guess I'll just cover the extra 1" diameter with a little extra time!
I have the ceros and the deros , bought 6" , but switch to 5" when needed ..No issue

Did you end up getting ther 6" pad? I also have the 5" ceros and would like to get the 6"pad.
I did not. I was already loaded up with 5" paper and for my projects I was good with that size. As the posts above indicate, and Mirka confirms, the pads are interchangeable.
Thanks! The post above said he went from 6 to 5. I wasn't sure if I could go the other way due to the dust shroud size. I went for it. Amazon should deliver it tomorrow. I have a similar project that is taking a lot of sanding time. 1"bigger is almost 50% more surface area.
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