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Minimize warp in long narrow door

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I'm about to build a set of bi-folding closet doors. Each panel will consist of 9" x 80". I'm concerned the panels might warp since they are narrow and long.

I think one post suggested letting the wood dry and plane it on both sides. Unfortunately I do not have access to planer or joiner. :(

Is there somethings I can do to minimize warping with limited tool set? Would using plywood better than wood strips for the frame? The doors will be painted and mounted using bi-fold door hardware.

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Thank you so much for your help!

Bi-fold door: This is due to space issue. Large door(s) will collide with the bedroom door. Pocket door is not an option and I don't want barn door or sliding door.
Painted: This is the look I want. I love beautiful wood furnitures, but do not like wood grains on the wall. Sorry, I hope it doesn't offend anyone. :)


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When speaking about laminated lumber, we should look in the table at the line "glued laminated timber" which shows value inferior to the value for the wood listed.

Now of course the comparison makes only sense for the same dimensions of the cross section.

Glued laminated timber is nevertheless irreplaceable for long span beams; one has of course to use the correct cross section's height and thickness.

The table is for bending properties which I don't think are critical for this very project.
I guess I just need to give in and pay for a subscription to SawMillCreek to find some knowledgeable, insightful and helpful discourse.
- Oughtsix
I don't see why people would be more knowledgeable because the site is a paying one.
I would only use laminated wood for door stile and rails if I could not find a suitable piece of wood, if if it would be too expensive or, on special occasion.

I have used laminated wood for the rails and stretchers of my Moravian workbench because I was using free recycled wood.

I have used laminated wood to add a rail to an existing door (using false tenons and gluing the two half rails on each side of the false tenons)

Wood Wood stain Floor Flooring Hardwood

adding the second layer:
Bookcase Shelf Wood Shelving Publication

with my first panel:
Shelf Bookcase Furniture Wood Door


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