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Minimax 18" Bandsaw on CL

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Hey guys,

I saw this ad on CL and was wondering if anyone had any experience with one of these Minimax bandsaws? This one is a S45N. Is $800 a good deal for this guy? I wish I could get a base price, but minimax's website doesn't list prices.

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I'd talk him down if possible.

A new Grizzly w 2 hp can be had fairly inexpensive by comparison?

And if you do definitely bring two friends! LOL
I have thought about a grizzly, but $800 is my budget and I can't quite get enough saw for that if I buy new, even if I go with a grizzly. I am looking for around 2 or 3 hp with an 11" or 12" resaw capacity.

The price for that new s45n is $3100, so we are talking about 25% of original cost fr this used one. Seems ok to me. Only hitch is I have to drive 150 miles to see it…
For me that would be a deal breaker. Have you checked who might be in your price range. How much gas is 300 miles round trip?
My truck gets 12 mpg. LOL!
Got a few more details on this saw. It was bought in 2005 and has only seen light use. Built in Italy. 220, 2.4 hp.
Sounds great, beware of illusions. I bought a scroll saw. Rehabbing it. Some parts not available. Take some music and a friend and enjoy the road trip. LOL!
Italian machines from the major manufacturers are well made. It
looks like a more recent model with a decent fence, brake,
etc. I think it's a good deal on a precise saw you'll likely never
need to replace unless you're forced to downsize.
I would take the MM band saw over Grizzly but I don't know if I could drive that far, gonna spend another couple of bills. Rethink your budget. Let's hope the price is negotiable.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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