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Miniature router bits???

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The good news is that my wife was thoughtful enough to grab a set of router bits for me while she was at a garage sale. The bad news is that they are "miniature" bits and I have no clue as to what they would be used for.I'm posting some pics in the hopes that someone can tell me what they are for and, to be honest, to see if I can actually post pictures :)

Well, It looks like I haven't exactly mastered this. How do I convert the links to pictures? The links are in the "draft"of my post, but they don't appear.

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The miniature bits are usually for a dremel router or a roto zip with a router base. I'm assuming that what she got was 1/8" shanks.
To convert links to pictures bracket it with ! marks.


!link to picture!
Actually, these are 1/2" shanks. You should be able to see them in the newly added photos :)
Well not what I thought they were. These are great bits for making some nice molding. Great set of bits. Not really miniatures.
Yeah, I don't think they're miniatures, it's just the shank is so big. You will never snap one of these off. Maybe made for box making.
Great bits for moulding work. With a router table and a GOOD router, these should be unstopable.

Great score!

Those are great for small things. I have a few from Rockler and I have never seen this set.

I will have to see about getting a set.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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