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Miniature Dust Deputy Cyclone

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I have a Dust Deputy I bought back in the day. It inspired the purchase of one of Oneida's Gorilla line of collectors and a Super Dust Deputy. In short, I'm a huge fan of cyclones.

Today, I was making storage dohickeys (yes, that's the technical term, since I made them) for my Oneway Wolverine sharpening jigs and I was "admiring" the amount of metal resting on the table. As I pondered the metal dust, I was smacked with my infatuation with cyclones and their ability to remove even fine material. From there, I thought it might be interesting to build a cyclone about half the size of the Dust Deputy, or even smaller, running off a small vacuum to collect debris from sharpening projects.

If I were running regular wheels, the dust from the wheels would make the mess under the wheels and around the grinder even more significant, but there is only metal from HSS with the CBN's. With or without standard wheels, it sounds like a worthwhile consideration. Even more so since the can wouldn't have to be emptied very often.

The grinder my CBN wheels are running on is about four feet wide and has four wheels (powered by a variable speed, reversible DC motor and controller (an industrial sewing machine motor I got at a yard sale for a half song and a promise not to dance (such motors can be bought new, on line, for a couple hundred bucks)). As such, I might have to get creative in setting it up for simple changes of the hose position, since collecting from four wheels would tax even the larger Deputy.

Please weigh in an let me know what you think and any ideas.

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It occurs to me monitoring craigslist and second hand shops might produce a vacuum with a cyclone that could be salvaged and modified for the task.

My wife has a tiny, one gallon vac, which might pair well with a modified household vac system.
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