Milwaukee - 1220 dual heat heat gun (Rating: 4)

About 8 days ago my heatgun went Titsup on my. It wasn't much, just a cheap Craftsman from about 35 years ago and it worked OK but never seemed to be that great.
So a few days ago I was playing on the Bay of E and found a Milwaukee Dual Heat unit for $5, buy it now with $5 shipping.
I figured that if it was junk, I wouldn't lose much so I bought it.
It arrived today and I had to try it out for it's intended purpose, which for me is bending the binding for guitars.

I was certainly surprised by the way it worked, even though it is the lower end model.

It works like a dream and on low does a better job than the old Crapsman did on it's best day on high.

If it keeps up like this, (It looks almost unused except for a spot of plastic melted on the barrel), I will be a happy camper for a long time.

Since Santa probably isn't gonna bring me a new LT40 Woodmizer, plus all the accessories, I suppose I got a pretty decent Christmas present for $10!