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Milwaukee 5625 sub base

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I just bought a 5625. I want to use it to make some bow ties with this Rockler kit: Bow Tie Kit

The hole in the router's sub base is 2.5 inches in diameter. Although on the Milwaukee site and in the manual it looks to be about 1.5 inches. The bushing in the Rockler kit is (I think) 1.5 inches.

I can't get an answer from Milwaukee on getting a different sub base. Is there some kind of adapter available? Should I buy another vendor's sub base? Which one would fit? Etc.

Sorry for the stupid questions. I new to this.
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Search "Milwaukee 49-54-1026". The hole will accept PC-style guide bushings.
Check the video that is for the kit you bought from Rockler. It shows a special guide bushing you'll need to use. That bushing will hold the cutter off the template a prescribed distance, so you can follow along on the template, and make a slightly smaller version of the template.

USUALLY that kind of template will fit into a base with what is USUALLY called a Porter Cable base. Some of the router companies in their enlightened state driven by desire for MORE MONEY, make off sized bases, and have their own sizes for these templates, and guides. I'm not sure what the Milwaukee router uses?

Just know when buying accessories, like this router kit, that it needs to play nice with the bases, and templates available for your router. If not you can usually put it together, but not without what are known as optional items, not included.

I have neither of these pieces, so I'm not certain what you need, but it sounds like a base that will play nice with the Rockler kit. I always try to buy PC compatible, makes for less parts and pieces I need.
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I think Milwaukee makes couple of base plates that accepts the PC style bushings….

But you might want to look into a smaller plunge router for inlays. I used a trim router in its plunge base with these cheap inlay bushings and they worked great…
therealSteveN: That's my problem - the Rockler bushing fits onto the sub-base but the sub-base that came with the router has a hole with a diameter about 1 inch too big.

JohnDon: I think one of those replacement sub-bases might fit. Anybody know of a specific one I should buy?

Thanks to both of you for the input.
Looking on line the one for this router is backordered. You could always make your own with a piece of Lexan/ Plexiglas plastic. Drill the hole for your bushing and your it to center the new plate, then mark your holes and drill them. Here is a YouTube DIY Custom Router Base Plates
. Of course any excuse to to get another router is always a solution. :) Dan
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