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Millers Falls 07 vs Stanley 140

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I have looked on the Google and can't seem to find an answer to this probably arbitrary question. I have both a 07 and a 140. They are strikingly similar. Although admittedly the millers falls seems much nicer (hard to admit as a stanley guy). Do they have a connection or just similar design? Who made it first? Just curious is all.
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Looking through my references, (John Walter's Stanley Tools, and Roger Smith's PTMPIA, the Stanley 140 was made from 1895 thru 1943. Millers Falls did not manufacture planes at all until 1929… Many of the Millers Falls special purpose planes appear to be copies of the Stanley planes. Hope this helps…
Regards, The Kentucky Toolsmith!
Thats great information! Thank you. I will have to try to find the date of manufacture on mine. I had no idea the 140 was made that far back.
The page in John Walter's "Stanley Tools" describing the 140 is here:
Font Material property Book Publication Paper

Regards, The Kentucky Toolsmith!


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Now you had to go and give Kenny something more to get all giddy about saying the MF is better than the Stanley
It was hard for me to admit honestly! Although I almost feel bad for the millers falls being so lonely under my bench

I really need to buy a copy of that book. Looking on ebay now….
DonW might have one for sale on timetestedtools
Millers Falls planes in general are nearly identical copies of the Stanley equivalent. By the time Millers Falls entered the race, the relevant Stanley patents had expired. But, in a lot of cases, Millers Falls made small improvements to design or materials and spent more effort on the fit an finish of their casting and machining processes that made them a viable competitor in the market space. Even though they were essentially selling the same thing that Stanley had been making for decades.

I have owned a Stanley 140 and I currently own a Millers Falls 07. No surprise which one I favor ;-) However, I will say in this particular case I don't think that either one has a particular functional advantage. I like the 07 because it's Millers Falls. The casting and cosmetics are cleaner. But they dropped the ball IMO by copying the crappy depth adjuster that Stanley used and which is easily subject to stripped threads. Had they just changed the pot metal piece to steel, I think it would be an objectively superior plane rather than just subjectively better depending on who's hands it's in.
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Agreed, the functionality seems the same or close. But the fit and finish on the 07 is much better.
DonW might have one for sale on timetestedtools

- corelz125
I don't have one, COVID has really slowed me down. I have had both as well and never really seen a difference.
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