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Milestone: 500,000 Comments

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... we are 11,306 woodworkers making 500,069 comments
on 19,068 projects, 9,396 blogs, 841 reviews and 9,145 forum topics.

Yes, that's Half-Million comments. And that's a lot of talking…
We're still averaging almost 50 posts per member. Only the most active sites on the Internet can say this proudly.

Thanks and keep posting.
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heres one more ;)

thanks for making this happen Martin!
Congratulations Martin. Pretty soon this will be known as the Myspace of Woodworkers. You've done a tremendous job.
Thank you Martin!
I have never seen a woodworking site like this one…it is by far the best on the web with the best members…EVERYONE is helpful…no insults etc. A place where both the expert woodworker and the new woodworker can post side by side and both be respected.

Thanks for such a great place to hang out Martin !!!!!!!!
awesome!! That's very impressive.
there is a reason…great community…have been saying it for two years…great job…
Congratulations Martin!
The way things are going, we'll be hitting 1 Million, in no time at all.
Boy, are we a yappy group! Nothing better than saw-dust yap!

Keep up the great work everyone, especially you Martin!

Thanks! (a half-million!)
Congratulations and thank you for your great job.
Great job and great site… congratulations!
That is wonderful, Martin. I am sure it won't take us as long to hit 1,000,000 as it did 500K.
Thank you for providing such an awesome forum. It is the great folks here that make it all happen…I am so glad that I discovered LJ's. It is an invaluable tool for help and inspiration.
Boy, if you had a nickel for every comment, you'd have…? (takes off shoes to count on toes…)
Uh, well, you'd have a big pile of nickels! Congratulations, Martin on the half million mark!!
Well done martin I enjoy it here thanks again Alistair
Congratulations Martin. The best site going.
Thanks Martin.
Thanks Martin for all you do!
nice one, Martin. well done mate
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