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Milestone: 11,000 LumberJocks

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... we are 11,008 woodworkers making 487,375 comments
on 18,607 projects, 9,179 blogs, 814 reviews and 8,912 forum topics.
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Woo hoo! Congrats, Martin, and to all of us. It seems to be gaining momentum, no?

This group can build anything on the planet :)
11,000 Strong!! The Milestones are coming fast and furious now!!
Congratulations Martin and to all Lumberjocks around the world. Martin for creating the most User Friendly site, and all the Lumberjocks for being the Friendliest Users on the internet! Like Gary said, Woo Hoo!!
that came up quickly! Congrats; congrats; congrats.
Well done Martin and many more milestones to come.
Great site you have born here Martin! Thank you
Martin Congratulations on a gtreat site.
WOW! That's because this is such a FANTASTIC site! Congratulations for all your hard work, great ideas and wonderful members that this site has attracted.

I love how this has been a meeting place for wood lovers of all backgrounds, interests, knowledge and talents. It's fun to share and visit each member's projects, no matter what skill or interest level they are.

Thanks Martin!
It's great to see, in these times, something useful, friendly, and user friendly. Congrats Martin. I'd like to meet you in person.
Congratulations. Go Lumberjocks!
A mighty impressive milestone!!

Way to go, Martin!!
not only the best site ,
but the best people too !

thank you martin ,
for making it all possible !

i think it was karson that had a wonderfull idea,
( one of many ) !
about having some way to "connect " one project
back to the inspiration for it .
like larry making a cutting board ,
and all the new projects that we make from that inspiration ,
sort of a " home " that we could see where it all came from ,
and where everyone took it to .
is that possible ?
kind of like a star burst that radiates in all directions .
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keep up good work Martin.

This is such a good place, to learn, make friends and enjoy.

Thanks Martin
congrats martin…i have really loved this web site…..such a good group of people,,,doing what i love..makin saw dust…...will have to celebrate tonight with an extra swallow of chocolate milke…..yea the hard stuff
Another milestone.
Congrats Martin! This is a great site with great people.
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