Incra - Micro Jig SteelPro Splitter - for 1/8" Kerf Blades (Rating: 5)

You can purchase this product from Incra for about $35. I was interested in getting a splitter that I would use, as my rip guard/splitter was a pain to install every time I wanted to rip something.
It comes as a kit, with an installation jig, and several splitters of various widths. The instruction sheet was fairly easy to follow. You need a couple pieces of 1/2 inch stock, one for the jig to attach to, and one as a test piece. They have you drill the holes in your saw insert with the provided drill bit. I found it easy enough to do, and very precise.
The splitters are plastic over a stainless steel splitter. They are marked with from one + to +++. The idea being that you can increase the width on the side that you need it. In my case, I use the ++ on the fence side. This makes it very easy to tune to your particular saw. It helps hold the stock firmly against the fence, and helps eliminate burn marks.
The holes are tight, and you need to use a screwdriver to remove them, but I find I use them all the time now. They also include a second set of splitters that install behind the main one. This splitter will be pinched in the cut should the workpiece start to rise up, thus preventing kickback.
Pretty ingenious setup, and more flexibility than with a homemade splitter. I would recommend this to anyone that finds they are ripping without a splitter or guard.